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Project Overview:

Bayonne Energy Center, LLC. (BEC, the "Owner") contracted ABB to manufacture and install the transmission system, including the submarine cables, underground cables, infrastructure, and terminations needed to transmit power from the new 512 MW gas turbine generation plant in Bayonne, NJ. The completed BEC cable system will transmit the energy output of the plant over a roughly 6.75 mile long 345 kV submarine/underground cable system to Con Edison's Gowanus substation in Brooklyn, NY.

In support of the Bayonne Energy Center (BEC) 345kV Submarine Cable Project, Caldwell Marine International, LLC (CMI) was contracted by ABB Inc. (ABB) to perform the installation of a three-phase 345kV submarine cable system across New York Harbor, including the installation of the underground power cable sections, connecting the BEC power generating station in Bayonne, New Jersey to the Con-Edison 25th Street Substation in Brooklyn, New York.

Each power cable is paired with a fiber optic (FO) cable. Each phase is divided into the three segments:

  • The Brooklyn terrestrial cables (Installed through duct banks)
  • Brooklyn - Bayonne Submarine Cables
  • The Bayonne terrestrial cables (Installed through duct banks)

Each segment was spliced into one continuous length after the installation. The entire system is comprised of three continuous pairs of power and FO cable, each carrying one phase of the three phase system.


Bayonne, NJ to Brooklyn, NY


September 2011


Bayonne Energy Center LLC (BEC)

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ArcLight Capital Services, LLC

Brian Martin, VP – Construction Manager