Submarine Cable Installation

Experience the “Best” in Submarine Utility Installation with Caldwell Marine International

The core group of Caldwell Marine has the combined experience
of over 120 years in the Marine Construction industry.
Our management experience and full spectrum of capabilities
enable us to effectively complete our projects using the most
qualified personnel equipped with the latest array of specialized
marine equipment.

Our on-staff resources, full time maintenance and fabrication
team, and extensive inventory of state-of-the-art installation
equipment allow us to start operations immediately and to
complete projects on time and on budget.

The Caldwell Marine philosophy of modular equipment design
allows us to mobilize and perform anywhere a project is planned.
Based in New Jersey, our performance in the fields of submarine
power and fiber cable installation is recognized both nationally
and internationally.

• High Voltage, Medium Voltage and Fiber Optic Cable Installation
• Shore End Installation
• Route Clearance and PLGR
• Marine Route Design and Survey
• Cable System and Cable Fault Location
• L3/Thrustmaster Dynamic Positioning (DP-2) System
• Custom Cable Laying Navigation Suite
• Jet Sled Capable to 5.0m+Burial
• Linear Cable Engines for Fiber and Power Cable


Heavy Civil Marine Construction

The Caldwell Team has over 120 years of marine operations
experience. We are performance oriented and fully equipped to
operate in all areas of marine construction.

We pride ourselves in the excellent working relationships we have
developed with key players in our industry, and look forward to
continued success with our existing clients, as well as developing
relationships with new customers.

We have successfully completed projects worldwide. Our modular
equipment design philosophy makes the most remote places easily
accessible, while minimizing transit and mobilization costs.
Caldwell Marine has the in-house experience to provide all the
necessary technical and logistical support to get your project
completed. All of our work is performed is a safe manner.

• Bridge Rehabilitation
• Dock/Pier Construction
• Cofferdam Construction
• Dredging
• Pipeline Installation