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Over 120 years of marine operations experience


The Caldwell Team has over 120 years of marine construction services and operations experience. We are performance oriented and fully equipped to operate in all areas of marine construction, including submarine cable construction.

We pride ourselves in the excellent working relationships we have developed with key players in our industry, and look forward to continued success with our existing clients, as well as developing relationships with new customers.

We have successfully completed marine construction projects worldwide. Our modular equipment design philosophy makes the most remote places easily accessible, while minimizing transit and mobilization costs. Caldwell Marine has the in-house experience to provide all the necessary technical and logistical support to get your project completed.

Our goal is to complete all heavy civil marine construction projects in any place, at any time with the utmost safety, efficiency, and reliability. We are equipped and ready to handle a variety of heavy civil marine construction projects.

All of our Heavy Civil Marine Construction Services Include:

Bridge Rehabilitation

Bridge rehabilitation involves an intense level of work to restore and repair the overall structural integrity of a bridge. Damages can be repaired, the bridge structure can be strengthened, additional support measures can be added, and any safety defects or concerns can be addressed and corrected. Bridge rehabilitation projects can range from smaller corrections to portions of the bridge or entire restorations and repairs. It is extremely important that this particular heavy civil marine construction job is done with care and expertise, something that Caldwell Marine can ensure time and time again. 

Dock/Pier/Bulkhead Construction

Dock construction and pier construction has very similar elements to the marine construction service of bridge rehabilitation. This particular marine construction service can be a new build, or from preexisting systems and structures. Dock construction and pier construction are extremely intricate and sensitive projects from start to finish, which is why it is essential to have an experienced and well-equipped team like Caldwell Marine to get the job done right. 

Cofferdam Construction

As you are most likely familiar with, a cofferdam is an enclosure built within a body of water to allow the enclosed area to be pumped out. This system provides many different uses but is most commonly used to create a dry space for work projects to be carried out safely. The projects are typically in the construction or repair realm for various water-based structures or systems, much like the various marine construction services that Cladwell Marine offers. 

Like many of the marine construction services offered by Caldwell Marine, cofferdam construction is a very complex process that requires a lot of planning, preparation, and expertise. All factors that can be easily left to the experts at Caldwell Marine. 

Pipeline Installation

Years of performing pipeline installation have allowed Caldwell Marine to perfect the process. This particular marine construction service is truly a cornerstone of the work that the Caldwell Marine team consistently completes with safety and dependability as top priorities. With Caldwell Marine, you can feel confident that your pipeline installation, as well as all of the marine construction services that you require, will be done right every time. 



Caldwell Marine International Lake Champlain Project Overview
Caldwell Marine International Lake Champlain Project Progress
Caldwell Marine International Lake Champlain Cable Laying Project
Caldwell Marine International Lake Champlain Marine Construction Project
Caldwell Marine International Lake Champlain Underwater Cable InstallationProject
Caldwell Marine International Lake Champlain Submarine Cable Project
Caldwell Marine International Lake Champlain Project

Lake Champlain Heavy Civil Marine Construction

Project Overview:
Major power system infrastructure project involving the placement of new underwater transmission cables, spanning 1.7 miles, across Lake Champlain. The new power cables, laid as much as 195 feet below the lake’s surface, enable power flow to and from Vermont along with improved power communications systems. Work involved uniquely drilling into bedrock to avoid disrupting the shoreline habitat, remotely operating underwater vehicles, and cable laying vessels and divers.

Location: Lake Champlain, NY
Completion Date: 2018

Caldwell Marine International Jersey City Underwater Cable Project
Caldwell Marine International Jersey City Marine Cable Installation Project
Caldwell Marine International Jersey City Project
Caldwell Marine International Martha's Vineyard Industrial Project

Jersey City Heavy Civil Marine Construction

Project Overview:
As part of a Unified Command that consisted of the USCG, NJDEP, PSE&G, Con Edison, and LeFrak (the property owner), Caldwell Marine was contracted by Con Edison & PSE&G to locate and repair a dielectric fluid leak in Jersey City, NJ. The leak was on a 345KV power line that spans from Jersey City, NJ through NYC to Williamsburg Brooklyn, NY. The line was located 10’ below the water surface and 15’ below the mudline on the Jersey City side where the work took place. To locate the leak Caldwell used commercial divers to excavate the mud to first locate the power line and eventually to find the leak. Once located, the leak was stopped by use of a manufactured clamp provided by Con Edison. The clamp was placed on the existing line, filled with grout and the excavated material was backfilled to match the original river bottom.

Location: Jersey City, NJ
Completion Date: 2018

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