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Who We Are

CMI is a marine contractor specializing in submarine cable installation and heavy marine construction.

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Our Services

CMI’s main project focus is on both Marine Civil Construction and Submarine Utilities Operations.

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Safety. It’s Not Optional

Learn more about how we protect our process, our employees and our customers.


Synonymous with Marine Construction for over 65 Yrs

CMI installs and repairs submarine power and telecommunications cables worldwide.

A Full Service, Fully Equipped, Turnkey Offshore Cable Installation Company

With over 150 years of on-staff installation experience with 65 years of civil marine contracts.


Our Values, Focus, and Vision are a foundational part of our organizational structure and are integral to our success.  Our Core Values define the behaviors we expect from each other, our Core Focus outlines who we are and what we do, and our Shared Vision is our purpose.  Caldwell Marine International uses these guiding principles to manage and grow our business together.  


Our reputation is of utmost importance and outweighs everything. We fulfill our obligations to each other, project stakeholders, and the Company.  We do what we say.  When we cannot, we communicate what we can do and by when.  We take responsibility and ownership for our actions.


At Caldwell Marine International, we plan and execute our work while proactively solving issues.  We take on challenges and eliminate excuses.  We work to meet deadlines through commitment and accountability.



We interact, communicate, and cooperate in the best interest of our people and the project.  We include collaboration in our decision-making.  We prefer to use “We” and not “I”.


Caldwell Marine Potomac River Underwater Cable Installation

Caldwell Marine has the knowledge and experience to provide premier turnkey solutions for submarine cable installation and repair for both national and international clients.



CMI is the nation’s leader in nearshore wind farm cable installation and specializes in nearshore cable installation and horizontal directional drilling.



With over 120 years of heavy marine civil marine construction experience, Caldwell Marine International is equipped and ready to handle a wide range of heavy civil marine construction projects.

President’s Message

Welcome Aboard Caldwell Marine International, LLC

Caldwell Marine International (“CMI”), a marine construction company, is very proud of the high regard and respect it has earned in the submarine cable and heavy civil marine construction business.  For over 65-years, CMI has completed projects with safety, quality, integrity, and reliability as the four cornerstones of its operations.

CMI is dedicated to customer service.  We work closely with customers to create a team approach that enables projects to be completed on time and on budget. This dedication also extends to every facet of our operation.  Each of our employees has a responsibility to give our customers the service to which they are entitled. Only a high caliber, well-informed staff can provide these services.  CMI employs that staff.

Our ability to operate in a successful manner is directly dependent on our employees, their dedication, spirit and how they work together.  We staff highly experienced and knowledgeable management, supervisory and skilled personnel.  We are proud of our people and we strive to operate so that all of us will have reason to be proud of CMI.

CMI’s approach to safety is based on Personal Commitment, Responsibility, Communication and Learning.  CMI Management is fully committed to achieving an accident free workplace, all the time and everywhere.  Safety is of utmost importance in the planning of all work, and every employee will recognize their role in successfully implementing our Safety Program.

I thank you for inquiring about Caldwell Marine and I look forward to working with you on constructing your next project.

Rolando E. Acosta

Rolando E. Acosta-President/CEO

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