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Caldwell Marine International, LLC (CMI) is pleased to announce it has contracted with Royal IHC Offshore Energy Ltd. to manufacture a new “Surface Fed Amphibious Hi-Traq Jetter” specifically for CMI’s requirements. CMI will be the first and only US cable installation contractor to own a subsea-tracked trenching vehicle. The Hi-Traq Jetter will be an essential tool in the arsenal of equipment that CMI employs.  Brett Bailey, General Manager at CMI, said “This state-of-the-art instrument significantly increases CMI’s cable burial capabilities and allows us to better approach complex submarine cable installations.”

The Hi-Traq Jetter will play an important role in several of CMI’s major projects including the Champlain Hudson Power Express (CHPE).  The Hi-Traq Jetter will be utilized on many significant future projects as well.

One of the key benefits for CMI of the Hi-Traq Jetter is the four independently controlled tracks for travel, steering, and suspension over uneven sea bottoms.  It is an amphibious machine that is remotely controlled and can perform its job on dry land and water in one operation.  It can be used in submarine cable direct burial or post-lay operations.

The scope of the build from Royal IHC also includes an eductor system, combined power and control cabin upgraded with the latest SCADA system, power/control umbilical, and a special purpose umbilical reeler to meet CMI specifications for marine construction purposes. Royal IHC will be working in partnership with its international suppliers to provide fabrication, assembly, and final testing in Blyth, UK, along with ongoing servicing, training, and spares support.

Caldwell Marine International looks forward to a successful build with Royal IHC Offshore Energy

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